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Why Do My Teeth Feel Loose During Orthodontic Treatment?

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When starting orthodontic treatment, it is not uncommon to experience a sensation that your teeth feel loose. This can be daunting if you didn’t anticipate it, making you worry that your teeth are actually going to fall out! However, don’t worry, this is not the case.

Shifting Teeth

The periodontal ligaments attach your teeth to your jawbone. Braces and Invisalign use a continuous force that compresses these ligaments on one side and stretches them on the other. As a result, osteoclasts are responsible for breaking down the bone on the compressed side, whilst osteoblasts start to form new bone around the stretched side, thus allowing the teeth to shift into new spots.

Orthodontics treats bone remodeling, but it’s a lengthy process. Your teeth may feel loose while they are shifting into their new positions, but that will go away with time. When the teeth have settled into their new spots, the periodontal ligaments will tighten, securing the teeth in place. To keep them secure in their new position, you may need an orthodontic retainer. Once in place, you will no longer have the feeling of a loose tooth. It is essential to remember that having loose teeth is a regular occurrence after receiving orthodontic treatment and is simply an indication that the treatment is progressing successfully.

Oral Hygiene

To maximize comfort while the process is happening, it is critical to maintain good oral hygiene. Make sure to brush your teeth twice daily, clean in between your teeth with floss, and use a fluoride mouthwash for extra protection. Doing so will not only keep your mouth in good condition but will also accelerate the achievement of your orthodontic goals.

Managing Discomfort

If the feeling of loose teeth causes any distress, then there are several types of mild painkillers our team can suggest. Additionally, we may suggest sticking to softer foods or taking a break from the orthodontic treatment to allow the jawbone to adjust accordingly.

It is normal to experience loose teeth when undergoing orthodontic treatment. Though it might cause some unease, the best thing you can do is maintain good oral hygiene and talk to Dr. Ogden about any issues that come up. With proper care, your teeth will be back to their optimal position and will feel much better!

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