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Tips to Help Your Kids Prepare for Braces

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Does your child have teeth that are crooked? Do they appear as though they have too many teeth in their mouth? Are they having a tough time chewing on foods because of their teeth?

These are all signs that you should seriously consider getting braces for your child. You can improve the look of your child’s teeth and make their teeth more functional by arranging for them to get braces.

You should also help your child prepare for braces. Even though more than 4 million Americans have braces at this time, there are some kids who are nervous about the idea of getting braces.

Your child will be able to make the most of their braces when you help them out along the way. Here are some tips that will allow your child to prepare for braces.

Speak With Your Child About Why They Need Braces

When you first decide that you’re going to get braces for your child, you should sit them down and tell them why they need braces.

In some cases, the reasons might be obvious. If, for example, your child’s teeth are crooked, you shouldn’t have a hard time showing them why they need braces.

But in other instances, your child’s need for braces might not be as obvious. They may, for example, need braces to correct an overbite. Your child may not be aware of what an overbite is or how it’s affecting them.

By speaking with your child about why they need braces, you can help to put their minds at ease. They won’t be as worried about getting braces when they understand the reasons behind it.

Discuss the Long-Term Benefits of Braces With Your Child

Outside of talking to your child about why they need braces, you should also take time to talk to them about the long-term benefits of wearing braces. There are so many benefits that come along with using braces to correct issues with a child’s teeth.

Braces can:

  • Improve a child’s smile
  • Leave a child with healthier teeth and gums
  • Help a child with digestion problems
  • Make it easier for a child to speak
  • Give a child more self-confidence

You can generate some excitement around your child’s braces by playing up all these benefits. They’ll love the idea of getting a better smile and giving their self-confidence a boost simply by using braces.

Get Your Child Into a Regular Brushing Routine

Does your child forget to brush their teeth almost all the time? This a problem that many parents have!

According to one study conducted a few years ago, about 75% of parents admit that their children forget to brush their teeth on a regular basis. Parents really need to stay on top of their kids to make sure they’re brushing.

It’s especially important for those kids with braces to brush their teeth and clean their braces at least twice a day for two minutes at a time. If they don’t, food particles can get stuck in their braces and cause dental issues.

You should help kids prepare for braces by getting them into a regular brushing routine, both in the morning and at night. This will make it easy for them to remember to brush their teeth once they have braces on them.

Talk to Your Child About Staying Away From Certain Foods

There are quite a few foods that kids should not eat when they have braces. These foods include things like:

  • Hard fruits and vegetables
  • Sticky candies
  • Corn on the cob
  • Meat straight off the bone
  • Hard pieces of bread

These kinds of foods can cause damage to your child’s braces if they’re not careful. They’re much better off eating things like yogurt, tender meat, and soft fruits and vegetables.

Invest in Orthopedic Wax for Your Child

Once your child has braces put on their teeth, there is a decent chance that the braces may scratch the inside of their mouth and cause some discomfort from time to time. It tends to come with the territory when it comes to braces.

Orthopedic wax can solve this problem when it’s put into place. It can stop braces from rubbing up against the inside of a child’s mouth and provide them with some much-needed relief.

Kids who play sports, in particular, should have plenty of orthopedic wax lying around. You should also think about buying a mouthguard for your child to wear when they’re competing out on the court, field, or ice.

Encourage Your Child to Ask Questions to Their Orthodontist

Before your child gets braces, you’re probably going to have a million and one questions that you want to ask their orthodontist. These questions will include:

  • “What kind of braces would work best for my child?”
  • “How long will my child have to keep braces on their teeth?”
  • “What is going to be the cost of braces?”
  • “Are braces definitely going to work for my child?”
  • “Is there anything my child will have to do with their teeth later once they get their braces off?”

You should feel free to ask as many questions as you want to an orthodontist. But you should also encourage your child to ask any questions they might have, too.

A good orthodontist will work to make sure you and your child get the answers you need. They’ll strive to ensure that you’re both comfortable before moving ahead with braces.

Helping Your Child Prepare for Braces Will Work Wonders for Them

Some kids are excited about getting braces and can’t wait to get them on. Others are apprehensive about braces and nervous about what they’ll feel like.

Regardless of where your child stands, you can help them prepare for braces by using the tips we’ve outlined here. You can also continue to talk to your child about their braces for as long as they have them on.

Your goal should be to get the best possible results for your child once they’re done with their braces. That will require a collective effort on the part of you, your child, and their orthodontist.

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