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The Right Dental Floss for Braces

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Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is important for everyone, but it’s especially important for those of us with braces. Flossing removes bacteria and plaque that may cause gum disease and cavities, so it’s essential to keep up your daily flossing routine. In this blog post, we will discuss the best dental floss for braces. We will also provide a few tips on how to floss your teeth properly when you have braces!

Types of Dental Floss

First, let’s talk about the different types of dental floss available. Traditional waxed or unwaxed nylon floss is usually the best option for people with braces, although there are other types of floss available as well. Waxed nylon floss slides easily between teeth and under wires, making it easier to clean around brackets and in between teeth. Unwaxed nylon is thinner than waxed nylon, which makes it easier to maneuver around brackets without causing damage. If you find waxed or unwaxed nylon too difficult to use with braces, there are other options available such as braided or monofilament floss that can make cleaning around brackets a bit easier. Additionally, flavored floss can help make brushing more enjoyable by providing a pleasant taste.

Flossing Techniques

Flossing with braces requires a bit of finesse in order to ensure that your dental hygiene routine is effective yet gentle on your teeth and gums. First, wrap the ends of the floss around each middle finger so that you have a few inches of slack between them. Then grasp each end between your thumb and forefinger and gently slide the string back and forth along each tooth surface until all surfaces are clean.

To get under wires or behind brackets, use a slow sawing motion with your fingers while pushing the string away from the gums toward the wire or bracket. You may need to use a special interdental brush if traditional dental floss proves too difficult to maneuver around wires or brackets. It’s important to use slow, deliberate movements when threading the dental floss around each tooth. Additionally, be sure not to pull too tightly on the floss as this pressure could cause damage to your gums or wires. You should also be sure to change out your dental floss after each use in order to prevent bacteria buildup between uses.

Brush After Flossing

It’s important not only to brush after every meal but also after you finish flossing each day in order to keep your mouth clean and healthy while wearing braces. Using an antiseptic rinse like Listerine can also help reduce bacteria buildup while wearing braces and keeping plaque at bay. Finally, don’t forget about regular checkups with our team so we can monitor the progress of your treatment plan and assess any changes that we may need to make along the way.

No matter what type of braces you have, keeping up with your oral hygiene is essential for maintaining healthy teeth and gums during treatment. And part of that includes using proper dental floss technique every day! Choosing the right dental floss for braces will help ensure that you’re able to get into all those hard-to-reach areas around wires and brackets so that your mouth stays healthy throughout treatment. By taking these simple steps, you can ensure that your teeth stay healthy even when wearing braces!

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