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A Stronger Smile in a Shorter Time: The Benefits of SPEED Braces

Brushing SPEED Braces

Do you want a nicer smile but don’t want to deal with traditional braces? There may be another option.

Studies have shown that over 4 million people, mostly children, and teenagers, wear braces. More often than not, traditional metal braces are used in the treatment of these cases.

While they serve their purpose – which is to improve teeth alignment – traditional braces tend to take longer to achieve the desired results. To some people, this may be intimidating due to the unwanted attention that comes with wearing braces.

This brings the need for speed braces (pun intended) that achieve the desired results in less time without compromising on the quality.

Moreover, with the growing number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment, SPEED braces can really come in handy.

For an in-depth review, let’s first look into how SPEED braces work.

How SPEED Braces Work

To correct a malocclusion or misaligned teeth, pressure needs to be applied to the root which is the cause of the problem.

SPEED braces use the revolutionary technology of self-litigating brackets which applies light and constant pressure to the root of the tooth. The technology also helps push the crown of the tooth into the right position.

Benefits of SPEED Braces

Here are the major benefits of using speed braces over the traditional braces:

1. Takes Less Time

One of the biggest advantages of SPEED braces is how effective they’re in a lesser period of time compared to traditional braces. It takes just about six months as opposed to two years. This is mainly due to the fact that SPEED braces focus on adjusting the position of your teeth rather than your jaw.

With adults using traditional braces, the process can even taker longer since the jaws are already fully developed, thus, nearly impossible to have them adjusted any faster.

Even though the jaws of kids and teens are still developing and can be easily adjusted, SPEED braces achieve way faster results. Besides, it can be irritating having to wear the metal frame on the teeth for long.

2. Comfortable

Typically, SPEED braces are one-third smaller compared to conventional braces. This reduced size minimizes discomfort allowing you to move your jaws freely.

Also, the self-litigating brackets hold the archwire in place eliminating the need of rubber bands or additional wire like in conventional braces. This means that your teeth are gently ‘guided’ into position, instead of using active force that can be painful to some patients.

3. Improved Oral Hygiene

Since SPEED braces are smaller in size, they allow you to efficiently brush and floss your teeth with minimal hindrances.

Most importantly, unlike traditional braces that have elastics which end up hosting bacteria and plaque, SPEED braces don’t use any elastic ties. This means that you can enjoy different drinks and foods without the fear of your teeth turning yellow, as long as you maintain your oral hygiene routine.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

SPEED braces are made of a ceramic material that’s resistant to tear and wear and doesn’t stain. This means that the braces maintain their original look all through.

In addition, the ceramic material is clearer and smaller compared to elastics used in typical braces, creating a more aesthetic look.

What’s more, the intense pressure applied on your teeth by traditional braces can leave marks on your teeth and cause swelling around the gum area, thus, compromising on your dental appeal. SPEED braces apply gentle pressure that doesn’t blemish your tooth enamel, giving you a beautiful smile all through.

5. Less Noticeable

SPEED braces are considered to be more discreet compared to the traditional metal braces. With its high visibility and long treatment period, you’ll have to deal with a lot of attention from the traditional braces.

However, SPEED braces have a triangular self-litigating structure that takes up less space on your teeth. This makes them hidden and less noticeable.

6. Fewer Visits to the Dentists

From the discomfort associated with traditional braces, you may have to schedule regular visits to your dentist to have the braces adjusted. This is not to mention the friction caused by the elastics which may cause injury on your gums.

As for the SPEED braces, they apply uniform pressure to the teeth, thus, reducing friction. Even though you’ve to visit the orthodontic specialist for checkups, they’ll be less frequent. This saves you money and time so you can fully concentrate on other important things.

7. Better Facial Balance

Enhancing your smile should go hand-in-hand with an improved facial balance, which is what SPEED braces do. The braces help to gently expand and lift your jawline enhancing your facial symmetry.

Moreover, malocclusion, particularly an overbite, can cause the skin on your face to overstretch leaving stretch marks and wrinkles. The faster you have it corrected with SPEED braces, the faster the wrinkles disappear.

8. Quick Installation

Traditional braces tend to take a lot of time to be fitted on the patient’s teeth due to the additional wiring needed to make up the complete set. Sometimes, the installation can be painful especially when an invasive process such as tooth extraction is involved.

However, the case is different with SPEED braces! At the click of a button, the braces open and are quickly fitted. This saves you time and the dreaded experience of braces installation.

9. Versatile

SPEED braces are quite versatile and can be used to treat a wide variety of orthodontic conditions, such as under-bite, overbite, teeth overcrowding, and even gaps between teeth.

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Generally, SPEED braces are a better choice compared to traditional braces. This is thanks to their improved technology that has changed orthodontic treatment forever. So, if you’re looking for faster results or an affordable alternative to conventional braces, try SPEED braces today!

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