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Decorating Your Retainer Case

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Decorating your retainer case can be a fun way to personalize it and express yourself in the process. Just make sure that the decorations you choose do not make it difficult to open the case or store it safely. And before you start decorating, remove your retainer from the case to avoid any potential damage to it!


While you do not need to have a theme, it is a nice way to show the world what you enjoy! We have provided a few theme ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

  • Sports Teams: Are you a die-hard fan of a sports team? Show your allegiance by decorating your retainer case with your favorite team’s colors or logo!
  • Television, Movie, or Book Characters: Everyone has a favorite television show, movie, or book. Whether it is Friends, Star Wars, or Harry Potter, this theme is a great way to show your personality.
  • Artists or Bands: Swifties already know what theme they will choose! Be a fan by putting your favorite song lyrics or artists on your case.
  • Colors: If you do not follow any fandoms, that is okay! You can still choose a unique theme like using your favorite color.
  • Hobbies: Do you love riding your bike or playing an instrument? Let everyone know by choosing your hobby as a theme!


Now that you have a theme, you will need to figure out what tools you will need to decorate your case. Since most retainer cases are made of plastic, make sure you do not use any tools that are sharp or require heat, like a hot glue gun. These tools can melt or otherwise damage your case!

  • Glitter Glue: Make your case sparkle with some glitter glue! This glue does not require heat and should stick for a long time.
  • Stickers: The easiest and safest way to decorate your retainer case is with stickers! You can add as many of these as you would like, but keep in mind they may be damaged if you wash your case. However, this gives you an opportunity to swap out the stickers regularly!
  • Sharpie: Permanent markers come in so many colors. Feel inspired to draw pictures or write something special to you.

Use these theme ideas and tools to get creative with decorating your retainer case. You will be sure to want to show it off when using your retainer!

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