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Understanding Crossbites

While it may sound intimidating, crossbites are a common dental issue that can be easily treated with proper orthodontic intervention. In this blog post, we will walk you through what crossbite is, what can cause it, potential complications, and the treatment options available. What is a Crossbite? A crossbite occurs [...]

Rapid Palatal Expander 101

Are you or your child experiencing overcrowding in your mouth or crooked teeth? If so, you may have heard our team mention a treatment option called a rapid palatal expander. But what exactly is a rapid palatal expander and how can it help with your orthodontic issues? What is a [...]

What Is an Orthodontist, Exactly?

“What is an orthodontist?” “What's the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist?” These are pretty common questions. Sure, most people know that orthodontists put braces on their patients. But not as many people know what education and training they go through, or what exactly makes them different from dentists. [...]

Some Great Benefits of Lingual Braces

Many people are eager to find “invisible” alternatives to traditional braces when they get orthodontic treatment. And many are good candidates for some of the other options. The various types of clear aligners are probably the most familiar of these options, but lingual braces are another one worth asking your [...]

7 Common Myths About Braces

There are lots of misconceptions and misinformation out there about orthodontic treatment with braces. Unfortunately, it can make some people hesitant to look into treatment, delaying or preventing oral care that makes a huge difference in people's quality of life. So, we want to help clear up some of the [...]