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Getting braces is a big decision! The benefits of straight teeth can last a lifetime and they range from increased confidence to better chewing and digestion.

We know you need the best possible price for orthodontic care. Ogden Orthodontics offers affordable pricing on every option from traditional braces to clear aligners such as Invisalign®.

Each of our 3 Central Florida offices offer Preferred Employer Discounts and accept most types of insurance coverage.

Your initial appointment is 100% FREE and includes a thorough orthodontic exam, all necessary x-rays, and a consultation on your options for treatment.

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Robert T. Ogden, D.D.S.
Robert T. Ogden, D.D.S.Orthodontist
Dr. Ogden earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Dentistry in 1989 from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, where he went on to receive his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1991. He earned his specialty certificate in Orthodontics in 1994 after completing a residency with the University of Florida College of Dentistry’s Department of Orthodontics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Ogden and staff are here to answer all of your questions and concerns with patience and compassion. Please contact us if there’s additional information you’re looking for.

What will happen at the initial examination appointment?2019-04-04T15:17:08+00:00

Upon arriving, each patient and parent will be seen by the staff and doctor who will acclimate you to our office and prepare for the initial exam. We will take the necessary photographs and X-rays to allow us to make a proper diagnosis. The doctor will then complete a brief, but thorough, exam.

Will my teeth straighten out as they grow?2019-04-04T15:20:07+00:00

No, they will not. The space available for the front teeth does not increase as you grow. In most people, after the permanent molars erupt, the space available for the front teeth decreases with age.

What will I learn from the initial examination?2019-04-04T15:25:29+00:00

There are five essential questions that we will cover during the initial examination:

  • Is there an orthodontic problem, and if so, what is it?
  • What must be done to correct the problem?
  • Will any teeth need to be removed?
  • How long will the treatment take to complete?
  • How much will the treatment cost?
How do I schedule an appointment for an initial exam?2019-05-28T18:16:29+00:00

If you or your child can potentially benefit from orthodontic treatment, then simply call our office, send us an e-mail or fill out our appointment request form online. We will be happy to schedule an appointment for you. When you call to schedule your appointment, our front office staff will request some basic information from you.

Is it required that my family dentist schedule my appointment with the orthodontist?2019-04-03T21:17:09+00:00

No, it is not. Many of our patients are referred by their family dentist, yet many other patients take the initiative to schedule an examination themselves.

At what age should I schedule an appointment for an orthodontic screening?2019-04-03T21:17:30+00:00

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an orthodontic screening at age 7. Several permanent teeth in most children have erupted, allowing us to effectively evaluate your orthodontic condition.

Is it too late to have braces if I am already an adult?2019-04-04T15:30:05+00:00

A surprising percentage of our patients are adults. In fact, 25% of all orthodontic patients are adults. Health, happiness and self-esteem are vitally important to adults. No patient is “too old” to wear braces!

Will I need to have teeth extracted for braces?2019-04-04T15:32:28+00:00

Removing teeth is sometimes required to achieve the best orthodontic result. Straight teeth and a balanced facial profile are the goal of orthodontics. However, because new technology has provided advanced orthodontic procedures, removing teeth is not always necessary for orthodontic treatment.

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