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6 Crystal-Clear Benefits of Clear Aligners

Clear teeth aligners

Do you shy away from looking in the mirror because you don’t like your smile? Do you dream of finally having a smile you’ll love?

In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of clear aligners, and why they can quickly make your dreams come true of that smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Read on to discover why clear aligners are the right choice for you.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear Aligners, whether they’re Invisalign, SureSmile, or ClearCorrect are designed to correct crooked, gapped, and many different types of misaligned teeth. Each set of removable aligners shifts your teeth into place until the desired results are met.

They’re worn for about 22 hours per day, but you can easily take them out when you’re eating, brushing, and flossing.

Are Clear Aligners Right for You?

You might qualify for clear aligners if you have:

  • Overlapping teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Open bite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Overbite
  • Gaps between your teeth
  • Teeth overlapping

When you speak with your orthodontist you’ll find out if you’re a candidate for clear aligners. Aligners can help mild to moderate cases, ranging from underbite issues to teeth overlapping.

Once you find out aligners are for you, then you’ll discover the many benefits of wearing aligners, including how they’re nearly invisible.

1. Invisible

If you or your child are afraid of getting braces because you don’t want others to see them on your teeth, the great news is clear aligners are nearly invisible. Whether you’re a teen or an adult, it’s understandable if you don’t want traditional braces, and want to opt for something a bit more discreet for school, work, or social gatherings.

When you pop your aligners in, no one will even know you’re wearing anything! Your teeth will straighten over time without noticeable and bulky traditional braces.

2. Easy Teeth Cleaning

Compared to traditional braces, clear aligners are much easier to clean since you take them out when you’re eating. For care, you brush your teeth and floss like usual and brush your clear aligner as well.

When you have traditional braces, it’s harder to clean your teeth since food gets trapped between your braces, teeth, and gums. If you don’t clean your teeth properly, this could lead to problems such as the potential for cavities or other serious problems. You won’t have to worry about buying special items to clean your teeth with aligners, and it’ll take less time overall.

Since your teeth are easier to clean that also leads to better dental health. As your teeth straighten, it’ll be easier to clean your teeth as well, which also leads to great oral health.

3. Removable

When you’re comparing aligners vs. braces, aligners are easier since you aren’t limited to what you can and can’t eat.

When you have traditional braces you have to avoid eating:

  • Anything that sticks to your teeth like gum or caramel candies
  • Chewy and rubbery foods like gummies
  • Harder veggies and fruit like carrots, apples, and broccoli
  • Brittle foods like popcorn, chips, and hard pretzels

Since they’re removable, if you play an instrument you can easily take them out, unlike regular braces which can make playing an instrument uncomfortable. If you need to remove them, they’re easily removable during sports play as well, unlike regular braces.

4. No Pain

When you’re wearing regular braces you have to worry about hooks going into your mouth and cutting you or parts popping free and scraping your gums. Plus getting traditional braces tightened when you go to your orthodontist is anything but comfortable.

If you do experience pain with clear aligners, it doesn’t last long, and the great news is since it’s custom fit the pain is minimal. They’re overall more comfortable since you don’t have to worry about any poking as you do with traditional braces.

5. Straight Teeth

Essentially, when you go with aligners, you’re looking to have straighter teeth, and they will accomplish this. Once your treatment is finished and your teeth are in the correct placement, you can have a retainer you wear while sleeping to maintain your teeth placement.

6. Easier Maintenance

When you have traditional braces, there’s always the possibility of a bracket popping off or a wire bending which leads to emergency orthodontic visits. When you have aligners, you don’t have to worry about those emergency visits as much since you don’t have to worry about brackets or wires.

What to Expect

When you decide clear aligners are for you, you’ll make an initial consultation with your orthodontist. Your orthodontist will do scans and 3D images to compare the position of your teeth and jaws.

After taking a look at these, they can then tell you if you’re a candidate, and you’ll get molds done for your aligners. Once your aligners arrive, you’ll make an appointment to come in and see how they fit.

Any questions you have during this time before during or after treatment, your orthodontist will be more than happy to answer. If you feel some discomfort initially, don’t worry since that’s normal and will go away.

You’ll graduate from one set of aligners to the next every few weeks, and you can experience the excitement of your teeth getting straighter over time.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

After reviewing the benefits of clear aligners, it’s easy to see why many choose them over traditional braces. Whether you’re looking for more discreet care, less pain, or easier maintenance, clear aligners have you covered.

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